Video links - Harjeet Dhillon

Below you will be able to view the videos that feature me, and I was involved with, at a glance.

Girl's Talk airs weekly on Tuesday at 9pm, you are able to view videos here.

Pictures can be found on my portfolio and links to videos that I could not upload here.

Girl's Talk (episode 4) - NJ Digital TV

Interview with Jessie Brar discussing Mental Health in the South Asian community.

Girl's Talk (episode 3) - NJ Digital TV

Interview with Memoonah Khan of Mak Artistry discussing makeup

Girl's Talk (episode 2) - NJ Digital TV

Interview with Yelyzaveta (Eliza) Shik discussing immigration.

Mani Wonders Holiday Greetings

Brand ambassador for Mani Wonders as part of their holiday greetings.

Girl's Talk (episode 1) - NJ Digital TV

First episode of Girl's Talk on NJ Digital TV. Subscribe to their YouTube channel for future updates.

Interview with iLana discussing motivation.

NJ Marketings - Introduction to Services Offered

A brief introduction to the digital marketing services offered by NJ Marketings. Call 1-800 230-7357 to set up a free consultation to discuss how they can help take your business to the next level.

Tag TV quiz

Thanks to the team at Tag TV for having me on as a guest. Trivia questions were so much fun...have fun guessing the answers from home!

Nanak Paneer Commercial

So much fun shooting this commercial. You can catch a glimpse of moi at time stamp 0:22.

So's Nanak!

KJ Designer Warehouse at Speranza Banquet Hall

You can see KJ Designer Warehouse bridal outfits showcased on individuals and couples.

My couple walk is at time stamp 3:03

Pictures of Fashion Show at Speranza

Outfits provided by G1 Fashion Hub and KJ Designer Warehouse

Makeup provided by Yusra Sultan and Glam by Diba

Glimpses of me at time stamps 0:20, 0:28, 0:34, 0:41 and 1:4O

LMG Fashion Show

Video unavailable on mobile devices.

LMG's third annual fashion show held in Theatre Glendon at York University.

Showcasing dress by Katheen MacArthur and orchestrated by Shannon Benigi-an Mulholland and her team.

Catch me at time stamp 4:40.

Wearmemrlexx's Cree-co event

Catch me at time stamp 1:52 at wearmemrlexx event.

ICACI Fashion show - Sunita Kollections

You can sneak a peek of me at time stamps 2:00, 2:19, 3:03 and 4:04.

Gerrard Street South Asian Literary Arts Festival

See my mini interview with TAG TV's Tahir Aslam Gora

TAG TV Multicultural roundup

Discussing Influence of South Asian media on non-resident South Asians. Hear my views at time stamp 17:15.

DJ Stin - Nachna Pia

Check me out as one of the models in this video...