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Book - Autumn Love

Ever since she was little, Autumn’s Indian mother has encouraged her to find a husband and start a family. Now twenty-six, Autumn has just returned from a weekend away with her gorgeous boyfriend of three years. From afar they appear to be the perfect couple, but beneath the surface complicated issues divide the young lovers. As she leans on her best friend for advice, it soon becomes clear that Autumn wants a commitment and that Jake wants something very different—freedom. With her heart set on stability, loyalty, and motherhood, Autumn decides she has no choice but to end her relationship with Jake. But as she sets out in her car to meet him one last time, she becomes distracted and smashes into a roadside barrier. After she awakens in a hospital, it appears that commitment phobic Jake has had a change of heart. When he proposes, Autumn hopes it is the start of better things without any idea that very soon, a phone call will change everything once again. Autumn Love is the tale of a young Indian woman’s journey as she embarks on a determined quest to find commitment where she discovers that timing is everything and that love is nothing without trust.

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Harjeet Dhillon

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Has represented brands such as Canada Dry, Nanak Paneer, Mani Wonders, Yummy Catering and TD Canada Trust.

Author of Autumn Love with a passion for acting. TV Host for Girl's Talk, exclusively on NJ Digital TV.

Available for freelance work.

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Creativity - Custom invites, cards, flyers etc

I enjoy being creative and in the past have created custom invitations for birthdays, weddings and flyers for various purposes.

I studied Communication Studies at A Level at Halesowen College in UK and as part of my project designed a pamphlet with information pertaining to www.asiansociety.com

I am also available to assist in event planning and talent coordination.

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