Autumn Love


"Thanks for your lovely book Autumn Love. I read it tonight and I was so impressed. Blessings,Love and Light to you Harjeet." Mala Singh, SAMA Models and Talent

click link for full review - "...I give this book 3 out of 4 stars. Anyone who has ever had to go through what Autumn did will completely relate to this book. There were a few spots in the book that I thought were not really relevant to the overall story, but for the most part I felt like it was a well written interesting tale of modern life. Add to that what anyone would do for true love and you have a pretty good book." stacihunsinger

"Perhaps one of the marks of a truly engaging read is when you feel yourself getting involved in the lives of the characters. I found myself drawn into this book and the issues the two love birds, Autumn and Jake, faced. Harjeet Dhillon invites us into the world of a young woman whose modern sensibilities and profession overlap with her traditional Indian heritage. The book was a compelling read as laughed with Autumn, cried with her, an occasionally got frustrated with her. Autumn strikes me as a naïve young woman, innocent and vulnerable.She came to life and I became concerned about her like I would a daughter. If Autumn were my daughter, I would want to sit down with her and help her. But, if she were really my daughter, I would have to let her go and make her own decisions. She is a sweet woman, and as a reader (or father) I have to let her find her own way. I would recommend you get to know Autumn and read Autumn Love." James Bowick (author - The Chelsea Game)

"Such a sweet story. I can so identify with Autumn's struggle. Coming from a ethnic background myself, I can so with relate to the tug of war between the exceptions your family have for your future and those you want for yourself. At times I felt that I had to read onward to see what she would ultimately decide. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a easy read, but be prepared for a touch of naughtiness thrown by the Author to keeps things spicy." Amazon customer

"I thought this book was a very smooth read. It sucked me in right from the beginning and I was always left wondering what would happen next. Coming from an east indian background at some points I could really relate to Autumns character but the Canadian in me related to the rest of the characters. I was very surprized by the ending, and was relieved that it was a happy one. Looking forward to a sequel!!!!!" Moinder Sekhon

"Autumn Love can only be described as an engaging read. Harjeet Dhillon has provided a remarkable insight into a young lady who is torn between her true love and the cultural expectations of a traditional Indian family. I found myself sharing the laughter, sadness and frustration with Autumn. I would recommend you read this book and get insight into the world of Autumn Love." Bal Bhuttay

"Am almost at the end of the book and have really enjoyed it. Easy to read and an interesting story that draws you in! I look forward to reading many more of her books!" Mrs. Jos Kemp

"This is a wonderful story of conflicting worlds and emotions. The book descriptively describes how one overcomes these obstacles with love, honesty, commitment and friendship. Great read and I look forward to the sequel." M.A.

"Very Nice :) A must read novel well written by the author" Karmjit Singh